Campaign Clips


Socialist Campaign Hits Southern Streets

Our campaign doesn’t revolve around Election Day. It revolves around months of outreach like this. Only a socialist program can meet the scale of the crisis.



Gloria La Riva speaks in Wisconsin 10/10/2020 - Community speak out against police terror

Community Speak Out Against Police Terror with Gloria La Riva at Triangle Park in, Northside Milwaukee
Event: Racism is the Disease, Socialism is the Cure.Other speakers include, Dana Kelley - North Side Rising, Cesar & Juan Miguel - Milwaukee Brown Berets and Christian Cocroft - Party for Socialism and Liberation


Sunil Freeman Speaks!

Sunil Freeman, the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL)
Vice presidential candidate, speaks about the Party’s vision and program, his beginnings in the



La Riva 2020 Rally in Los Angeles!

Gloria La Riva speaks out in Los Angeles just days before the 2020 election. We need socialism now!



Organizing for Revolution Every day: Elections and the Movement for Socialism

PSL 2020 Presidential candidate Gloria Riva critiques the debates, attacks on anti-racist protesters and the significance of our socialist campaign. View the full livestream here